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    Default Hogan trap out sequence

    I'm starting a trap out from a five-foot diameter oak tree, hoping to use the Hogan method to get the queen.

    --get the queen and all (or nearly all) of the bees out
    --rob out the honey
    --seal up the cavity

    My question is what to do once I have the queen in the trap. Options:

    1. Close up the tunnel once the queen is in the trap, and move the queen and all trapped bees to a nearby empty hive. Place grass/branches in front of the entrance to trigger reorienting. Continue to move frames of bees at dusk from the trap to this new hive as the trapout progresses. When all bees are out of the tree, shake remaining bees from trap into the hive, and let the colony rob out the honey from the tree. Move bees all of apiece back to home apiary.

    Problems: Likely flow of bees from new hive back to trap. Possible risk of the whole colony absconding back into the tree during rob-out period?

    2. Move bees (including the queen) to home apiary in segments. Close up the tunnel once the queen is caught. When all bees are out, move the trap with remaining bees home, then bring out a different strong colony to rob out the tree.

    Problems: Lots of moving bees. No vehicle access to home apiary makes moving bees a pain.

    I like the elegant solution (#1) of keeping all the bees on site, letting them rob out their own honey, then bringing them home. Less disturbance of the bees, less hauling bees for me. Has anyone had luck doing this?


    Entrance tunnel in place. Going to add the box tomorrow morning.

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