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Thread: Swarm in a tree

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    Default Swarm in a tree

    Have a hive in a tree at my house, it is what pushed me into building a top bar. It is a Chinese Tallow (aka Chicken or Popcorn Tree) and all those type trees are all going to be dead by the end of the summer. Nuking them all cause I HATE them.

    Think the main hive swarmed before I saw the hole (kids knew it was there for months, told me when I said I was going to take the trees down. But what bees are there now has some significant mite issues. But they are very tame which is good.

    Should I try to capture the swarm before I cut the tree with a trap out or just cut it down and try to vacuum them up.

    Going to put them in the top bar, hopefully exclude the queen to the middle and feed them like crazy.

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    Default Re: Swarm in a tree

    Cutting it down sounds faster, but you take a chance of killing some bees. You might find the queen easier though.
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