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    Default Re: Pros & Cons of Plastic Foundation

    Bay, I have a new swarm and in the second box I have a pf100 on the edge and I hear you, when taking the top off I have to be careful it's not attached as a couple weeks ago I did the same as you and was like what is attached to the top and then the frame came loose and dropped back into the box..... I had to carefully pry it loose yesterday after cracking the lid too.

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    Default Re: Pros & Cons of Plastic Foundation

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishman43 View Post

    Can pull the drawn comb away from the foundation when uncapping if not careful with a too cold knife
    I have not seen anyone mention this before, but a similar thing happens to me when I uncap with an uncapping fork on new combs built on plastic Rite Cell, have to be real careful on the brand new combs of honey, I'm thinking that after a couple years the combs probably toughen up a bit and this won't continue happening, we'll see. A heated uncapping fork may help, guess I'll have to invent one. John


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