I set up a trap-out ----used a 2"x12"x6" metal duct --this is what it took to cap the opening in the tree --put a plastic funnel on the 6" down to 1" --put the 1" end into the back of hive --the bees just went through the hive didn't stop to put in wax on foundation ---had drawled out frames also in the hive --had this set up for 10 days--they were bringing in pollen like crazy -today turned the hive around - I put a taper funnel on the transition form the tree down to a 3/8 copper 90 degree fitting pointed down about 2" from and 4" high from entrance --- hope this will work---- any IDEALS I can try if this doesn't work --watch for some time bees were coming out didn't see any going back into the fitting ---look like they were all on the back of hive ----lots with loads of pollen