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    Default feed in roller cage for virgins

    I'm trying something a little different. I generally have a queen cell or two I can tell are not viable, even though they are capped. I scooped up the royal jelly from those failed cells on a toothpick and filled one of the groves on the bottom of the roller cages at time of inserting the capped cell. I also filled another grove with honey from a I usually do for feed. I'll see if the newly hatched virgin prefers one over the other post hatch in the incubator.

    Here would be another way to get your feed without waiting for a failed cell. This started cell is about 48 hours if I remember right.

    It was an extra cell from the starter frame. I damaged the wax so I tore it all off and placed it in a mating nuc, just to see what they would do with it. They did draw it out and cap it. Probably the ugliest capped cell I have ever seen. But this mating nuc has been queenless a long time and was very weak.They won't take up feed, etc. It's amazing how much a new virgin can do for the moral of a little colony though.

    It is due to hatch tomorrow. If there is anything interesting to tell, I'll update.

    (I have no idea why my photos are so big. I'll try to reduce them next time)

    Heres why I had an extra cell. I started a triple frame of JZBZ in the starter, then transfered the cells to a finisher frame that only hold 15 cells. The ugly duckling cell was just an extra one.

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    Default Re: feed in roller cage for virgins

    The photos are good really understandable, thanks lauri. beelievers12

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    Default Re: feed in roller cage for virgins

    so whatever happened with the ugly cell?

    my thought about feeding in the roller cages was to put some wax cappings in the bottom part and dribble some honey on them.
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