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    Default bee cluter/bearding?????

    Long story short........I had to do a news paper combine today.......with the close proximity of the two hives and the heat I decided to make the weaker/queenless hive the top so as to not cook the bees I made it a top entrance hive........when I went to check on them tonight I found this.............this hive has always bearded up the side of the box............could they still be trying to do that???? is this somewhat of a normal bearding????

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    Default Re: bee cluter/bearding?????

    When you did the combine, a few hundred bees probably got loose before you got them sealed up on top of the other hive. Those that got loose are clustering where the scent of their mother hive is strongest. In your case, it's dead on the front of the box.

    No need to worry.
    Try it. What could happen?


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