Hi All!
As the title shows when it rains it pours or what we have here is the opposite:hottest June 8 in our 4 years at this location (don't know if it's a record but it is for us!).It's darn windy too. It's been breezy or windy 10x more than other years ALL Spring. ugh. I have to water the garden twice as much!

My bees have done gangbusters since April 9 and I judge have more than doubled their numbers since my package...probably tripled. As a first year beek it's been Quite a show for me and mostly I've Totally loved every day of having them. I've had some "fun" ??? adventures like ONE guard mad at me for 2 weeks after an inspection which taught me to just freeze and let her buzz and dodge me and threaten to land in my hair or on my ear until Finally she'd give up....until I'd take 3 steps and then she'd do it again. I faced off with her every other day when I'd go out there to just watch awhile. I knew her life was short,she'd be gone soon, and I could wait it out, but learning not to run and be totally calm was a better lesson for me than avoidance. I sort of missed her when it stopped! HA! (guess I've gone nuts)

This last week I've gotten to see bearding in person and today about 3K bees were out (My total is probably 8K but I can't really tell except it's a really full hive now). Quite a show!

I also found dead drones piling up a couple of weeks after I stopped feeding last month,and had to look That up. I discovered the hive will evict or kill drones during dearth. Our acre of gardens has plenty of flowers and still some clover but the surrounding area has little nectar now and created dearth before I realized it. So far I'm letting them adjust themselves but am thinking I better feed again soon. Problem is that within days of me feeding they've refilled any space I've made,even with little or no honey in the combs. My next manipulation I guess I'll just pull empty combs to have on hand for "later" use. If the climate and landscape were more congenial I'm sure they would have swarmed by now.It's a full hive and only June.

Speaking of swarming; This is the time when a new beek wishes they'd started with TWO hives (OR a 4 foot hive not a Golden Mean...yeah, I read all those GM threads too late!!!!) Actually purely as an experiment ,I added a 5 bar nuc box like a caboose (yeah it's a Super, but I LIKE calling it a caboose and no one can stop me! ) but they aren't building in there yet(they just cleaned out the partial honey comb I put in as a lure.

Someone on this forum from Texas did the same thing with a nuc box and has a picture somewhere on here of his light blue painted TB+nuc. It's worked excellent for him and I was overjoyed when I found his posts even though my climate is Usually cooler here and I won't "work" mine like he does. If you read this I'm SO glad this idea worked so well for you and thank you for telling about your experience. I just can't find your post or name right now! But,hey,"great minds think alike" !!!

Well, I'm gonna close or someone will think I'm Tango the second (whose long posts I totally enjoy reading BTW) I don't really have any questions, I just wanted to share. I'm thinking about so many BEE things and enjoying working things out! PS-gads I hope nothing collapsed today! Not gonna look in the window until it cools off!