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    Default What to do with burr and brace comb?

    First year Vermont Beekeeper here. Is the burr and brace comb worth saving that tan stuff on the bottom and sides of the frame ? As we do our inspections we end up scrape off a small ping pong size ball of it each time. I was thinking of saving it but what do you do with it?

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    Default Re: What to do with burr and brace comb?

    I save all wax. I use Pierco foundation and it needs to be painted with melted wax to get them to draw properly.

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    Default Re: What to do with burr and brace comb?

    Yes, save it all, u would be surprised how much wax that u will collect that way during a season. Like jd stated, I too heat it, strain out the junk through a t-shirt, and then use the clean golden wax to paint onto my frames. I currently run wooden frames with the plastic inserts (started out with all plastic frames, but decided I like the wooden frames better. Anyway, use all that wax that u gather to play around with making candles, lip balm, body rubs...........etc. Happy BeeKeeping


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