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    Default Crazy idea, old camper as apiary.

    A friend of mine wants to junk an old camper. I thought about picking it up, gutting the interior and installing about 20 hives.

    I would take the screens out of the windows so they can fly in and out. When I need to move it, close the windows, hook up and take off.

    I thought it would keep predators away, keep the hives drier, and make it easy to move around.

    Pros & cons?

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    Default Re: Crazy idea, old camper as apiary.

    I've not done it but i bet it works, give it a try. The only thing that might cause a problem is the summer heat where I'm at, but i bet it'd be great for winter.

    I've always thought along the lines of a box van, with hives inside along the perimeter but facing outwards, on the 2 long sides, with slots cut in the van box sides for the hive entrances. Then I could cut in a window to open to let bees escape when inspecting hives.

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    Default Re: Crazy idea, old camper as apiary.

    Your idea sounds very similar to the bee trailers used in eastern Europe. My only concern would be working in tight quarters with heavy supers.

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    Default Re: Crazy idea, old camper as apiary.

    I would make sure that you had a separate, unique, entrance for each hive. I would NOT have the bees exit the hive, fly around inside the trailer and then have to fly out of a window.


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