I am trying to decide which type of feeders to use. I am new so have no experience to base my choice on.

Does one use different methods to feed bees depending on the weather and what the bees are doing? Is there any preference/advantage between using liquid, slurry, solid block (candy boards,fondant) or dry sugar supplements? Is protein best fed as paste/pattie or dry?

Then it comes with how to present the feed to the bees.

In the short period I have had bees I have tried frame feeders with mesh tubes (bees still drown), hive top feeders (they build comb all over the bottom of them) and baggies (many leak..some badly).

For winter months I expect accessibility for the bees, not freezing and minimizing increasing humidity to minimize condensation would all be considerations.

It would helpful to hear what experienced bee keepers preferences are for feeding during the warmer and colder months. I am looking to purchase feeders and don't want to purchase equipment that will end up not being used due to problems with implementation.

I am in Vancouver BC Canada...summers maybe up to 80 degrees and wet winters with light frost. We usually get a period well below freezing for a week or 2 a year and a couple of inches of snow at that time.

Also for those of you in weather like ours what do you find to be the best method for preparing your hives for winter and maintaining them over that period.

Thanks so much