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    Default Combatting Aggressiveness

    Hi all in the BeeSource-sphere, after some back-and-forth discussion on scattered threads, it was decided that a thread solely dedicated to the combat of aggressiveness among bees (feral or "domesticated") could keep things a bit more organized and get more accomplished.
    Anyhow, try to stick to the thread's central theme and post anything you know about Africanization (progressive, efforts to repel its expansion, even general knowledge aspects to expose them to the sphere) and aggressiveness.
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    Default Re: Combatting Aggressiveness

    If overly defensive ferals (african or otherwise) are in your area - re-queen on the second generation with a new queen line, and practice drone flooding. You can also take a defensive hive and put it in a yard of calm hives, let it swarm or supercede a few times, and eventually it should calm down due to out-crossing with sheer numbers of your own good drones. I do both.
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    Default Re: Combatting Aggressiveness

    The only real progress in gentling bees has always been to requeen the hot ones and breed from the gentle ones.
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