Hey all,

This is my first year beekeeping and we have two hives going in one deep brood each. We started with Mann Lake RiteCell foundation and to make a long story short, I made a newbie mistake and gave them to much bee space. They drew comb in the space (stick straight I may add) and its almost a full frame's worth. It does have capped brood, so I decided to tie it into a foundationless frame. In the midst of making this decision, I stumbled upon going foundationless. I really wish I would have known about foundationless from the start! I would have just started my beekeeping career like that. So now I'm getting ready to add a medium on top of my almost full deep and I am just befuddled as to a game plan to get the deeps to be foundationless. I don't mind the bottom brood being a deep, because I'm under the impression from my mentors that I probably won't be moving it that much. Plus, I'm 116 lbs soaking wet and currently pregnant. I really want to make the rest of the colony mediums if possible. So that throws the idea of being able to move things around a bit from bottom brood to top brood out the window. I'm probably rambling here.

My goals are: going foundationless and sticking with mediums from here on out.
How to go about that or what kind of game plan to follow, I am just at a loss. Any advice or ideas for a newbie??? Thanks!