Queens For Sale
Queens 1-10 $17.00
Queens 11-24 $16.00
Queens 25-100 $15.00

1) United States Postal Service Express Mail service is one of our standard shipping methods. The Queens are delivered general mail and need to be picked up at the Post Office. The USPS Express mail shipping price is $20.00
Queens are shipped in JZ-BZ cages with most attendants loose in Battery Box.
2) The UPS Next Day Air is also available for larger orders of 88 or more queens. UPS rates vary by zone and weight.

Please purchase Queens by Credit Card or Check in advance.

Information about our Queens
All Queens are caged 31 days or longer after graft. (21 days after cell hatch) and capped brood pattern is visible. Over 50 % of Drone pool are VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) VSH traits are in all of our Queens. Hygienic Bees don not get American Foul Brood or Chalk Brood, and need no antibiotic treatment.

We graft from a variety of Breeder Queens, but all are Italian lines for the genetic diversity.
We still have Glenn's Breeder Queens including Cordovan, Pol line Italian and VSH Golden. This years new Breeders are coming form VP Queens in Maryland. They maintain some of the same USDA stock and artificially inseminated Queens that Glenn Apiaries bred.

Florida Queen Bees & Honey
This company was formerly known as Harvey's Honey or (Bob's Bees of Florida). We have the same employees and owner just a new name with a new manager, Dan Vitous.

Florida Queen Bees & Honey
Dan Vitous
11354 Carlton Rd.
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34987
Cell: 772-284-0033
email: FLQBNH@gmail.com