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    Default Struggling 11 day old hive - should I wait to pull frames to inspect?

    Wondering when I should do the first real inspection of pulling out frames and looking for evidence of the queen.

    I ask because one hive is struggling a bit because of leaky feeder and donít want to hassle them too much for fear of absconding. Weíve had some bad weather and cool nights also. I Installed two packages into two 10 frame Langs on May 24th with top feeders. Waited a full week before opening either hive. So this past Saturday I took a look and both queens were released, some burr comb in the usual places but, queen cages still hanging between the middle frames, unfortunately thatís when I discovered the leaky feeder and I had a lot of drowned bees. I cleaned the top feeder best I could, temporarily fixed the leak and just closed it back up without pulling any frames.

    Yesterday I pulled the top feeder off so I could repair it. Very little disturbance to the hive. This hive is less active at the entrance then the other. Today (Day 11) I will replace the repaired top feeder but wondering if I should pull a few frames to look for eggs and larvae or give them a few more days since Iíve bothered them a bit the last 2 days?


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    Default Re: Struggling 11 day old hive - should I wait to pull frames to inspect?

    I would pull out a couple of frames and look for eggs - stop once you find eggs. This way, you give yourself that much more time to find a new queen if you need to.


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