She's beautiful, Colleen! Congratulations!

We took a quick walk through of the hive today because I saw what looked like capped queen cells through the window. Turned out they weren’t capped; it was just the angle at which I was viewing them. Turned out that there is virtually nothing left in the cells throughout the hive. No brood at all, of course. Almost all of the cells in the hive have been cleaned out. No capped honey, some uncapped nectar, some pollen, very little of both. No sign of a queen. I believe that I've seen posted around here that the bees will polish up the cells when they expect the queen to start laying, but in this case it looks like they not only polished up the cells but decided to start almost completely fresh!

We went through Hive 2 looking for young larvae and eggs. Saw the queen, found young larvae, but eggs eluded our eyesight. We decided to move one of the newer combs with young larvae and some capped brood to Hive 1 on the basis of it couldn’t hurt and if they don’t have a queen they may still be able to make one.

We’re heading out Wednesday and will be gone the rest of the week, so when we come back we hope to either see evidence of a laying queen or new supercedure cells.

Hive 2 was also fairly cleaned out of their capped honey, so we’re concerned there may not be enough of a nectar flow around here at the moment. We’re going to put feeders into both hives this evening after our syrup (left over from when we first got the bees) thaws out. And then we’ll see what happens when we get back.