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    Default Inspections on the brood chambers

    After the bees have built out the first hive body and you put the second ( or third ) body on , how often and why should you inspect the first body ? If it matters i am running 8 frame mediums . Thanks.

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    Default Re: Inspections on the brood chambers

    to see if they have swarm cells , to check for other problems, pest
    thats the way i roll.

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    Default Re: Inspections on the brood chambers

    Everybody has their own ways of doing things. Some like to fiddle with things some do not, it is not always necessary to pull a hive apart to do a pest check. if a hive is strong going into the summer that an experienced can spot signs of problems without doing a complete inspection. observation and logic can tell as much as close scrutiny. Bees are not my only child. so although I like to ensure they all have a better than even chance of doing well I cannot devote vast amounts of time babysitting the individuals. A thorough inspection of existing hives and box switch in the early spring. treatment as necessary for those that indicate problems. a then regular inspection of the tray in the screened bottom board. new hives get a queen inspection at 3 days, then a production inspection in 1, 14 day later an inspection for progress, when 80% drawn they get a thorough and a second box. as long as id do not see activity, or behavior that leads me to believe there is a problem, or the tray inspections indicate a problem they are on their own until late fall. I have done things this way for a long time, and actually did far less before all these mites and crap arrived. Oh how I miss the days when beekeeping was soooooo easy.


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