Hey everyone,
So I have this hive, it is a great hive, big and strong on my spring inspection everything looked great about the first of March. Then about two weeks ago I noticed bearding and LOTS of bees on the ground and I thought "oh crap they are going to swarm." I resisted the impulse to immediately pry open the hive and a couple of days later after it warmed up I took a look. Still a ton of bees in the hive. Very limited brood that looked older and ready to break out on only a couple of frames and two swarm cells one open. So I thought to my self that maybe I just caught the mating swarm and that in a week or so all would be well. So I checked it again today, about a week later, and there are 13 swarm cells some sealed one with a larva and open but I could not see any royal jelly. I am perplexed I thought they were going to replace the Queen but no eggs today. So here is my questions; One, Is it possible they can replace the queen at what appears to be a late date. Two, if I introduce a new queen and they requeened anyway would the hive kill the introduced queen? Three, should I quit mucking around and get a new queen