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    Default DIY extraction video how to

    I found this video on you tube and really liked how he kept it simple and low budget. I would have really liked to have seen this when I was researching on extracting. He shows the whole process from start to finish using a three frame Mann Lake extractor. Hope this helps if you are trying to get your head wrapped around extracting in your garage or kitchen like myself.
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    Default Re: DIY extraction video how to

    Nice! This is like what I did this year. I uncapped with a knife that I got from a thrift store for 25 cents, on a big cookie sheet to catch drips. Then spin in a hand-powered extractor. I strain the honey through a stainless steel colander (thrift store again) into a big pot, then pour it from there into washed-out glass peanut butter jars. Cheap (except for the extractor, but that will last forever), simple, and do-able in the kitchen for a small-time beekeeper like me.


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