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    Default People consuming bee pollen

    I can't seem to find too much information on consuming bee pollen. What do you all hear about it? I've heard some people claim benefits against allergies from taking it, or they know somebody who claims benefits . If so, anybody know how much and how often they take it? What about those who have no known allergies and take it for different reasons?

    Not looking for any guarantees here; just curious.

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    Default Re: People consuming bee pollen

    I have heard of people taking honey for allergies as there is a small amount of pollen in it. Also, an apitherapist told us that our son should take 1 granule for his allergies and slowly, gradually increase as he grew tolerant. However, he took one and was so miserable that he quit.

    Honey can be mixed with pollen and aged to make a sort of bee bread which is even better for you.

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    Default Re: People consuming bee pollen

    I had the same question yesterday and did a google search. I found this and thought it was at least an opinion. My secretary's been taking it this spring and swears her allergies are better this year than last. She's up to about 1/2 teaspoon.


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