Well the week has finally come folks, after almost a year of lurking on this forum, absorbing every book I could get my dirty paws on, spending many sleepless nights whacking frames and boxes together, I pick up my bees this week!

I pretty much got a solid plan out for going natural cell/treatment free however I am still slightly confused as to the BEST way to perform the manipulations to get there.

I am purchasing six hive bodies full of bees (as opposed to a nuc or package), and they come on deeps, in plastic foundation. So I am trying to work towards natural cell regression using foundationless, and on Bush’s recommendation going to all mediums.

Would I be better off, slipping foundationless deep frames into the brood nest and phasing out the larger cell plastic ones, THEN work on getting them on to mediums? OR catching the queen in the mediums and performing a split to get that colony onto all mediums. What would everyone recommend as far as the most logical, least disruptive way to do this? OR should I just work on being a new beek and keep this all out of my mind? Id rather have a solid plan going in then willy nilly trying and failing!