I am a very new beekeeper--we installed our first bees in a top bar hive beginning of april. Today I noticed drones coming and going and hanging around the hive. This is the first time I have seen drones.

From what I have read this could be several things (if I am understanding correctly)
1. they could be heading to the drone congregating area
2. getting ready to swarm
3 queen could be making drones only
4. supersede due to ill queen
5. hive could be queenless

More details--they have 12 bars in the hive, 6 have full comb on them and they are working on bar 7 & 8.

I plan to go observe them more tomorrow. I was thinking of opening it up on Monday to add more bars, look for brood/drone comb & investigate further. If you could give me specifics as to what to look for during the next inspection that would be great--I just don't want to overlook anything.

Thanks so much