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    Near Smith Point on Galveston Bay this house is on 23 foot piers. Had three nests of bees in the sloppy under pinnings of the floor. Well I cut one open from a stair. Cut an 2x12 about 4 feet long. Pried it off with my hive tool, just 4 nails holding that section. Fortunately I was dressed for the job, bee jacket, taped ankles, vinyl (Thickest) gloves. Smoker going, but the wind was 25 mph at least. Meanest bees I have worked to date, WOW! The 12x14x48 inch chamber had 3-4 lbs of bees in it but not one sprig of comb. The lady home owner swore they had been there 18 months. Yeah, right. I spent an hour trying to get them into a box ( had some old comb in there). No way Jose, they were wild and crawley. Finally I walked off about 200 yards followed by 50 to 100 buzzing bees. They stuck with me for half an hour. In fact I think they were coming and going to the nest. I walked sideways to the strong wind to break the scent trail to no avail. How were they finding me? Finally, I picked up my gear and drove off fully suited with all my windows down and finally lost them. Bad news and I have two more to work!
    Julysun elevation 23 feet. 4 Hives, 2 years.

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    My old man and I did a tree when I was a kid. They followed us for 1/2 mile in the pickup. That was ~30 years ago. So don't think it is necessarily ahb.


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