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    Default some help please

    Newbee here I installed 4 nucs May 8 checked them a couple of times here is whats going on today
    hive 1 lots of bees, lots of honey can not see queen or queen cells, or brood see attached pics of frames please
    hive 1 pic 2.jpg hive 1 pic 3.jpg hive 1 pic 4.jpg hive 1 pic 4++.jpg
    Question: should I be worried or is this normal?

    hive 2 saw queen when installed have not seen her since but lots of brood i think and some honey
    hive 2 pic 1.jpg hive 2 pic 2.jpg hive 2 pic 3.jpg hive 2 pic 4.jpg

    Q is this really brood ( I hope )

    hive 3 saw queen when installed have not seen her since lots of brood I think and some honey and strange looking comb
    hive 3 pic 3.jpg hive 3 pic 2.jpg

    Q what is wierd comb should I remove it or ?

    thanks for your help
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