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    Opened my formerly strongest hive today an the hive was slimed by hundreds of hive beetle larva. Turns out this hive, like my other, swarmed and failed to re-queen itself. So, a couple of questions.

    1, 3 medium supers full of larva but 1/2 full of honey are now in my freezer. Is it ok to put them back on the hive after a week in the freezer?

    2. I am re-queening the hives using the frame of brood a week method found on Michael Bush's page. Can one healthy hive afford to lose 6 frames of brood over 3 weeks? It is a very healthy hive.

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    1. There's no sense in putting those larva infested frames back in the hive. You might have killed all of the eggs and larva, but the hive is still too weak to protect it.

    2. They can probably afford it. However, the donor hive will not see much growth in that time. Six frames in three weeks is a fair amount to steal.
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    I am froze the (beetle) larvae I assume? It sounds like you are throwing good after bad, to me....Really need more info than 'a very healthy hive'. What are you throwing those resources at? The currently frozen frames? Way to vague a post to be of help.


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