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    Embarrassed Hello from Cabot Arkansas

    I am not a beekeeper yet, my husband and I have talked about it a time or two over the years but never pursued it. About two weeks ago while working out in the yard I heard a strange noise. As it got louder I started looking around for the source and saw a huge swarm of bees surrounding one of my large crepe myrtle bushes. After the initial panic subsided at having such a large number of bees show up so close to the house it's been fascinating watching them. They started out in one large mass in the bush about 15 ft up. They have since divided themselves. Some have left and there are two smaller masses still here. One is lower in the bush than the original (about 5 ft off the ground). The second seems to be in a flower pot just above ground level almost straight down from the first. We are toying with the idea of building a top bar hive this weekend. I'm here to learn, we have more questions than answers.

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