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    Default Needing a Queen. Fast!!

    Okay. Here's what happened. The queen in the cut-out I did is no more. I was hoping the hive would supercede her, as she appeared to be an older queen. But, that didn't happen. Now I have a queenless hive. Is there anyone with a queen for sale that could be shipped earlier than June 1? I would even be willing to purchase a virgin queen. I still have a good number of drones, as well as my neighbor having a feral hive in a tree in his yard. So, getting her mated wouldn't be a problem. Or, if a queen isn't available, a queen cell maybe? Any help would be appreciated. This is my first hive and first cut-out and I'd hate to lose the genetics. This is a really good hive.
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    Default Re: Needing a Queen. Fast!!

    I got some from Broke-T Apiaries He is on this website. He may be able to help you. He was good to deal with.
    and local to you. Good Luck!!!

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    Default Re: Needing a Queen. Fast!!

    I have extra mated Cordovan Italian queens that I received last Thursday. PM me if you are interested.

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    Default Re: Needing a Queen. Fast!!

    Give me a call. I can probably get you something next week. 601-562-0701

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