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    Default Re: Seasonal Allergies & Honey. Opinions?

    There is a controlled study & book put out by a research MD//have the simplified book at home (vice the research edition) & the researcher's name, etc.
    Anyhow, his study shows that raw honey, which has not been over filtered, boosts the bodies immune system, which in turn reduces allergy symptoms. His research findings show that there is no need to buy local honey as the pollen is not the responsible agent. In any case, the chances of any honey having the exact pollen that is causing your allergies is pretty slim. Will add the name of the MD & the book when able.
    Other benefits documented by same researcher - table spoon of honey before bed improves sleep & helps "buffer" blood sugar levels (i.e. you don't wake up in the morning with low blood sugar).


    Book info; The Honey Revolution - Restoring the Health of Future Generations Ron Fessenden, MD, MPH and Mike McInnes, MRPS
    As mentioned above - we got the abridged version (40 pages or so which is basically a presentation of the main findings & recommendations) - full book (215 pages) is available at Amazon. Fessenden stated that it details the research, etc, so is a bit of a tough read (according to him).
    Abridged version is available here;
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