My name is Russell Crawford and I am a top bar beekeeper and hive builder, based out of northern Arizona. This June (and possibly again in August), I will be traveling from Duluth, MN to Sedona, AZ and am hoping to connect with top bar beekeepers along the way! I will most likely be traveling along I35 to Des Moines, I80 to Denver, and I85 to Albuquerque. If you live along or near that path, let's talk soon!

My hope is to document the important and inspiring work being done (in varying climates) by top bar beekeepers, in order to increase interest and participation in top bar beekeeping. Whether you are new to top bar beekeeping or have been practicing it for years, I would love to interview you to hear about your stories, lessons and hopes for the future. At this point I will be meeting with a variety of people, some who are backyard beekeepers, herbalists (using honey as medicine) and small-scale commercial beekeepers who believe in top bar hives. After completion, I hope to create some type of video journal to be used educationally in support of top bar beekeeping.

If you are interested in contributing to this project or have a suggestion for people to meet, please contact me by emailing rcrawfordaz@gmail.com

THANK YOU! - Russell