2 packages, one hived last Friday, 2nd one hived Saturday.
On Sunday I released the queens as they had been together for nearly a week but not much candy had been eaten.
The weather was great all weekend and they appeared to forage happily.
It has rained all week since.
Last night I checked on them and removed the queen cages.
Hive 1 appeared to have fewer bees than initially. They had not eaten any sugar syrup. I had placed the feeder on the other side of the end bar with a hole for them to access it. They were all huddled, there was no sign of any comb-building. I have moved the syrup into the center of the hive with the bees.
Hive 2 appeared to have gained population (possibly from the other hive?) and had eaten their whole quart of syrup. I refilled the jar. There was also no sign of comb.
Shouldn't they be "making themselves at home" by now (day 5)?
I am afraid they are just waiting for the sun to come out so they can abscond
Any advice is SO appreciated.