My name is Jake and I recently convinced my father to begin beekeeping. He built a top down hive and purchased a an Italian Queen + workers and we put them in the hive Sunday. Everything seemed like all was going great until my father called me up and told me to come look that the sky was darkened by the bees and they just flew over the fence into the pasture behind our house... ... WHAT!

So we found the swarm on a branch in a tree and we were able to reach them and we recovered most of the bees. We put "her" and the others back into their beehive my father built for them and we plugged them in there so they could not escape. We put a bowl of sugar water in the hive and we coated the beeswax drop-down notches on the slates with a liberal brushing of honey. Additionally we moved her hive under a big pecan tree for the shade.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to how long I should leave the hole to the hive completely corked up? We locked the bees in there about 30 hours ago. I don't really want her to fly off again...

Thanks again for welcoming me to!