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    Default Re: Starting a Beekeeping Woodenware Business

    I'am thinking about adding an online store to my beekeeping supply business,an would like to get feedback from the forum any ideas on form content shipping would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Starting a Beekeeping Woodenware Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Harley Craig View Post
    What is your intended market? Guys with more money than time or skills tend to opt for standard finger type box joints because if they are going to shell out money they want them to last and have it stuck in their heads finger joints are superior do it yourselfers like myself with a limited budget like this type of joint because we can do it with limited equipment the only problem with that is we can make them for under $ 8 so we really aren't into the market to buy

    Yup. Do some research, make a jig, and learn how to do finger joints. They are sturdier and longer lasting, plus they look classier too. Rabbetted corners don't look good when they start to warp and gap with time. Nice work though! I love woodworking and imagine you do to. Great attitude asking for help and input.

    Many beeks also like routed or cut handles instead of external handles. It makes for more efficient stacking and up north, makes for less work wrapping the hives for winter.

    Adding woodware making/selling to your bee business is a good addition. I can make boxes for less than $4 and sell them for over $12. Not a lot, but it helps. What I don't sell, I can use- and $4 a box is pretty cheap.

    Good luck!
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