Running a small business is very difficult. Anyone who owns one, that does a good volume of business and says otherwise is lying or their wife runs the operation . I cannot tell you how many times we've wanted to just throw in the towel and go back to just keeping bees. We source "stock" (pine, aluminum, stainless, jackets, smokers, tools, extractors, wax, foundation) through 20 different vendors/suppliers. SO we have to deal with 20 different vendor's inventory availability, shortfalls, price increases, busy times of their year etc. But regardless we still keep moving forward and do the best with what we have. We get hundreds of new customers each year as well as the few thousand that we have helped so far. Most days we have happy customers, here and there we make a mistake and have some that are not so happy, but again we still move forward and do the best we can. I've gone as far as giving locals customers my own personal equipment because we didn't have something in stock at the time. Its always a good feeling when you can brighten a customer's day. Its just equally good of a feeling when a customer can brighten my day when neck deep in saw dust and orders due. I want to share a review that we received from the website left by a customer that did exactly that.

"Put together an HT Krantz deep along with a national supplier's deep right after. The fit and finish of HTK is remarkable. Snug and tight yet went together with three whacks of the rubber mallet. Wood is top quality (while the national supplier gave me a nice knot at the finger joint!) Another positive for HTK is the depth of the hand holds. nice and deep for days when gloves are a must! Not sure if the best part of this company is the quality of their products or the proximity to home!"

Whoever this customer is, thank you! You gave me a much needed "pick me up" during this crazy busy time of the year.