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    Default Possible lost queen

    I started a package of bees on the 1oth of May and did a direct release of the queen on the 13th. I checked the hive yesterday and could not find the queen. I also did not see any eggs,larva or capped brood. I see pollen and some white cappings that contain syrup but that was it. I also have a hive I started from a nuc which is doing very well and has 2 deep hivebodies drawn out. Should I add a frame from this hive and let the bees raise their own queen or just order another queen? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Jeff Baker

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    Default Re: Possible lost queen

    Give them a frame of brood of the right age from your other hive then check in about five days to see if they have drawn out any queen cells. If the queen is there they will not have produce any queen cells. By this time the package queen will have started to lay on her own. Sometimes they take a couple of weeks to get started. This could be cause by dehydration during transit or poor mating. They are normally superseded in the first month. If the bees are calm when inspected normally the queen is in there if they are loud and restless all is not right.
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    Default Re: Possible lost queen

    I have seen package queens take as long as two weeks to start laying. I suspect they were not mated... but who knows.
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