One of my KTBH's is proving to be a challenge to me.

First, their install, they decided they liked their gable roof better than the hive. So their first night in their new 'home' and I had to relocate the entire bunch BACK into their hive! yeesh.

Second week in, we had major flooding lasting a week.

Fourth week in, and they're building nicely - 9 combs built straight, built well, capped brood, capped honey, pollen coming in, etc. This is an observation hive, so there are windows on each side - but due to space, I really only peek in on one side of the hive. I've let them be since the flooding (other things going on), but did a full inspection today to make sure brood was capped, stores of honey in, etc., etc. There was a good colony of bees forming.

I found a pair of bars containing 3 combs! EEP! In moving things around, I've knocked it so it's now resting on the floor and being held in place with it's neighbors on the bars (right comb). I'll go in tomorrow (rain coming now) to repair the damage I caused.

I'm going to take a hair-clip (off to Walgreens!) and clip the comb into it, attach the clip to the bar with some zip-ties. Replace it in the same place it was in the hive (in terms of numbers of combs).

And try to not get stung too many times.

Is this a good fix? What should I do if I damage the comb a lot (i.e. finger-holes and/or smashed sections due to handling)? At what point is a comb no longer useful to the bees? How do you handle new comb without damaging it completely?! It's so soft and maleable at this point. The comb in question was #5 of 9.

Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated.