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    Default Moving hives, would like some insight.

    I have two hives that I would like to move about two miles from there present location. My plan is to move them in the early morning by rachet strapping the deeps, sliding the top cover closed and blocking the front entrance off. The hives have screened bottom boards. I am in PA about an hour east of Pittsburgh.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on my plan of attack? Will I be messing up the bees much by moving them during our spring flow? Probably know way to really know, but I wonder how many will be lost that didn't make it back the night before.


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    Default Re: Moving hives, would like some insight.

    I close up my hives in the late evening. other then that I would do what you do. But I would keep them closed in for a day, then put some grass clippings at the entrance.

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    Default Re: Moving hives, would like some insight.

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