My bees superseded the old queen. We had 8 capped queen cells last weekend, many have hatched. There were a few more that weren't hatched as of today. I saw a large queen that appeared to be mated. She was trudging along like a queen does, but I didn't see many attendants. She was DEFINITELY a queen. I don't believe she's started to lay yet. I tried to get a picture of her, but I has having camera trouble. I think I may have captured her here. Towards the upper right part of the comb. Her head is hidden. Do you think that's definitely her. If she's mated, she could possibly have a few more mating flights to do, correct?? Should I see her laying by the weekend. Do you think she'll be *the* queen?? I didn't see any others, but I would have a hard time spotted a queen who wasn't mated.