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    Default Swarm or split ???

    Not sure where to post this I think I may have made a wrong call. I opened one of my hives lots of bees lots of capped honey(deep super ) lots of drone cells capped around frame sides lots of pollen small amount of capped brood no eggs.Here is where I may have done the wrong thing found three or four very good looking queen cells on two frames the biggest one was on the side half way up the frame the others were down low on the frame . Was this a good time to make a split and take the frame with one cell to one box leave the other ones in the other or did I loose a queen by swarm or just die also they seem a bit hotter than normal like a dozen after you walking away even the next day one came after me about 30 to 40 yards away??

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    Default Re: Swarm or split ???

    It depends on the size of the hive, but only a few queen cells usually indicates supersedure.

    If you want to do a split, then if the queen cells are still there you can take one of the frames with queen cells and do a spilt. Just make sure the split has at least a frame of honey and a frame of pollen (the more frames of stores the better) and lots of bees, as the foragers will return to the old hive if you put the split in the same yard.

    Leave the other frame with queen cells in the old hive, so they can raise a new queen as well.

    They will be hot if they don't have a laying queen at the moment.

    They may have balled the old queen, but even if they have swarmed, doing a split will stop any more after swarms.

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    Default Re: Swarm or split ???

    Agree w/Mr. Davey, you probably did no harm as long as you left a queen cell in the original hive. Once you see queen cells, especially capped queen cells, you need to leave at least one (more is probably better) in the original hive unless you can actually find a queen. If you can't find the queen, they may have already swarmed and you just missed it, so taking all the cells at that point dooms them.

    You left them (I think) with cells, so your split and the original should be good. Come back in about 10 days and check to see if they queens emerged in both. You don't need to see a queen, just look at the cells to see if there's a nice circular cut-out at the bottom. If so, come back 10 days after that and look for eggs. If one of the hives, parent or split, gets a mated queen and the other doesn't (eggs vs no eggs), you can always give the unsuccessful hive eggs and bees and let them try again, or you can just do a newspaper combine and turn them back into one hive.

    BTW, not trying to nit-pick the grammar, but your post is difficult to read as it has no punctuation or capitalization. The sentences just kind of run together. Future posts will be easier to answer if this is remedied. Thanks.


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