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    Default 1st Inspection what should I expect?

    I am new beekeeper and picked up a 5 frame deep NUC on 5-10 and placed in my back yard that night. I placed another 5 frame box on top with top feeder on top.

    The girls have had over a quart of 1:1 water with HBH. I have seen plenty of polen coming in and everything seems stable. I do have 10 frame brood boxes waiting to go.

    It has been raining off and on all weekend, I hope to get hives tomorrow 5-21 or 5-22, depending on weather....

    What should I look for and when would you all recommend I move them into 10 frame boxes?
    Would you all switch bottom to top frame locations or leave alone and just add the outer frames?


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    Default Re: 1st Inspection what should I expect?

    im trying to get what your saying you have a 5frame nuc bottom an top? an a deep box that hold ten frames? I would transfer the ten frames from your nuc if they are the same size frames into the deep 10 frame box which is what most keeper use. just try and set your hive up close to where you have them now that way they wont lose days trying to establish there new home. just try to place the frames with the brood near the center of the box the queen will work from the center out an the bees will store extra food on the outer frames. on your first inspection you want to look for the queen and see how well the bees are drawing out the comb if it isn't drawn out but if you bought a nuc then it might be. if so look for eggs or larve and see how well the queen is preforming. if it was an established nuc an the queen is laying look for capped brood they have a tan wax coating. im no expert on this but I have read 3 books watched plenty of videos have family that also keeps and have a little experience under my belt. I can recommend getting beekeeping for dummies it is by far the best book I have read for beingnners and seasoned keepers. also if you want I have some vids for getting into the first year of keeping on youtube my username is miller4528. they might be a little helpful.

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    Default Re: 1st Inspection what should I expect?

    Personally I would put them in a 10 frame box now. I would put three new frames on one end of the box, then the 5 frames from the nuc (keep them together) and then two more new frames. I would look at the frames as I put them in to see that I have honey, pollen and brood of all ages. I would close the box up and wait a week.

    After a week I would make sure that I have eggs (my queen didn't die in transport or in my moving frames to the new box) and that the bees are starting to use the new frames, although if your weather is cold they might not.


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