Yes, I know, I know, I shouldn't use miticides or anything in my hive but I purchased some bees from a guy who told me to treat for varroa and I did, but to my horror MAQS seemed to kill my bees. I left the treatment in the hive for an hour and I went out to see how they were doing and there were a dozen or so bees on the bottom boards of my two hives dead or in the process of dying. When I first placed the strips in the hive, the bees quickly scurried away and were very upset, making a very noticeable displeased hum. I did everything the instructions advised me to do so I know that it wasn't operational error. I guess the point I'm trying to make is- this can't be normal. I've tried contacting the company but all I got was a "please leave a message" and so I tried calling my experienced beekeeping friend who sold me the bees. He wasn't home so I decided while I wait I might as well ask you all. I removed the strips as soon as I noticed this problem and I did a mite count a day prior- 13 varroa in one hive and 7 in another for a daily drop. I realize that this number may not have been high enough to treat but I couldn't find anything in my books or online which advised me as to what number was the treatment threshold. Could one of you please tell me this as well? Thanks.