I had installed three packages on May 7 and UN-corked the queen three days later. I went in Saturday to see if I had a working queen, which I did. I had eggs and larvae. Nothing was capped which I believe would be mathematically impossible given the fact that I removed the cork only eight days prior. The funny part is that since then the bees have been much more active, noticeably so. They move about the entrance more deliberately going right in and out, no dilly dallying. The other thing is there are way less bees on the feeder which is on the inner cover inside an empty super. They just are not clustered there at all like before. Is this a coincidence or did we give them a boot in the butt?

After reading Michale Bush's I now understand why he recommends starting a package in a nuc box. I bet if you can confine the brood nest to a smaller area that they will have to concentrate in that area and not spread out over 10 frames building comb that can't be used for a while. I wish I had taken an hour or so and built a 4 or 5 frame box. it wouldn't take much effort at all and I bet the bees would develop much quicker. I have a lot to learn.

Just a couple of observations from a 60 year old newb. All in all a very exciting day seeing the queens were working. Gary