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    i require a little help from the knowledge keepers. My bees last year suffered CCD and left the top deep box filled with capped honey pollen an uncapped honey which granulated into sugar like chunks. so all my deep box frames are drawn out. now my questions will the bees eat or remove this sugar like material an the old pollen when the second deep is added, and my queen as of the second week inspection has filled 3 frames about 3/4 full of capped an uncapped brood but the bees are building burr comb around the hive top feeder an i was thinking of adding my second deep to give them time to start cleaning out these frames. its reaching about 45-50 at night and 60-80 in the days would adding the second deep allow to much dead space for them to keep warm? this will be the third week since i hived them but since the frames were already drawn out the queen was able to lay right away and the bees don't need to draw out the frames. i have watched them an many bees are returning with pollen i have a entrance reducer in place also. any help would be great.

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    Sounds like they are ready for a second box. New white wax under the inner cover (or hive top feeder) is usually a good indicator it's time to add room.


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