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    Default another deep or super

    I HaveFirstBees I Have Wintered In A Ten Frame Deep They Are Full Of Need And IM Wondering If I Should Add A Super Or Anothe Deep. These Need Sintered In A Much If That Helps.

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    Default Re: another deep or super

    > These Need Sintered In A Much If That Helps.

    Perhaps you could explain your situation a little clearer! If you are using auto-completion or voice translation its not working properly ...

    It makes no difference to the bees whether you add a deep or a medium box. What is it you are trying to accomplish?
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    Default Re: another deep or super

    If you winter them in 2 deeps and not a deep and a super then you should add another deep now.
    But if you winter them in a deep and a super then add another super. Yes, it depends on what is your goal for this year. More bees or more honey?
    If you want more honey then add another deep so they can expand some more. Later on you can add another super in the Fall or when there is a Fall flow or if they run out of room again. Hopefully you will have a good flow in your area.


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