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    Default Attacking bees - not africanized

    I've had bees for about ten years, and always have had them just steps from the front door as well as close to the chickens and pigs without any issues. About noon today I heard the pigs squealing, turns out they were being attacked by about 15-20 bees each. They were rolling trying to get them off their backs surely being stung multiple times each.

    These are from nucs installed last week that I found gentle.

    I got the pigs into the darkened shed where the bees turned around and flew back.

    But any idea what's going on? I've never seen anything like this and worry about leaving for work tomorrow in case the pigs haven't realized the shady shelter is their only escape.

    There is quite a bit blooming and lots of water available. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Default Re: Attacking bees - not africanized

    Yep, I imagine AHB would definitely not be a problem up there in BC!

    There's just not enough information to determine the cause yet. Work em a bit, and find out if they're more aggressive in general now. If not, I don't know - maybe the pigs accidentally made them angry for some reason; but if so, you've just got yourself a statistically-inevitable hot hive.

    Nucs are mostly young nurse bees and brood, yes? Not a lot of foragers or guards. If it's a hot hive, maybe that's why they seemed gentle at first, and now you are learning the ghastly truth. A new queen will satisfy the situation.
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    Default Re: Attacking bees - not africanized

    I bought a double deep hive that the people mowed up to the enterence. When I brought them home the attacked my dog that was on a chain. Ive broke them down and made several nucs. But I put queens from other hives in them. I left the original queen in a 5 frame nuclei and using it to draw comb. I don't know if I will replaced her at this point as the hive is absolutely booming( makes me think AHB) . In the bees defence they had not been fooled with in 3 years. Ultimately, I take the opinion of the biting dog. Every dog gets one bite, after that its a biting dog and must be restrained/ controlled. You have an aggressive bee and must manage it because the animals are confined and you must take care of both parts of the equation. My bees are as far away as I can put them from my house, family. And pets. You must make the call. As you have heard my solution


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