My name is Joe I go to college in NC and have relatively recently become obsessed with beekeeping! My school's research farm has two langstroth hives (vestiges of its past) which, along with a faculty advisor (quite experienced), I recently claimed. He Caught a swarm and hived it and then split the hive.

Both hives are happy the original already has 1.25/2 shallows full of liquid gold and the split has alot of capped brood. I am very excited to say i was just giivenPermission to do research on them this upcoming fall semester.

I wanted to open the floor to any ideas for potential research questions you guys may have. Anything that you haven't had time or money for (nothing to crazy) but would be interested to Learn more about.

I have a few ideas on testing the true effectiveness of some colloquial verrora treatments but that's it.

Any other ideas?