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    Big Grin Lost about 4/5 of 5 Frame NUC due to overheating - Now hive beetles

    Yes, I'm a new guy that lost 4/5 of a NUC last weekend due to overheating. I waiting 5 pain staking days to check on my bees. Unfortunately, my queen apparantely didn't make it as I didn't see her, didn't see new eggs or larva, and did see 5 queen cells. I've got about 1 - 1/2 frames of bees. Based on advice from others I moved two frames with eggs, brood, and bees from two of my other move stronger hives. While doing so I discovered hive beetle larva taking up about 1/4 of two frames of unoccupied honey/pollen/brood. I pulled those frames and replaced with the only thing I had - empty frames. I also saw roaches and small black beetles on the other frame where the bees are. And another thing, three of the queen cells were destroyed by the beetles. I really didn't want to apply chemicals but based on a friends advice I followed CheckMite+ instructions and placed a 4x4 inch cardboard square with one side of the paper removed exposing the corrugated paper and the other covered with duck tape. I cut the chemical strip in half and stapled to the corrugated side. This was laid flat placed tape side up directly under the center of my brood. Hope I'm doing everything ok. Here are some questions.

    1) I have screen bottom boards. The instructions for checkmite+ said ti lay the tape side up, but didn't say anything about if you had a SBB. Am I okay?

    2) I took the two frames that had 1/4 destroyed with hive beetle large home, put em in plastic bags, and put them in the freezer. (By the way, the wife was NOT happy.) I'm assuming leave them in there a couple of days and then I can take the frames back to the hive.

    3) Is there anything else I can do to treat the hive beetle problem? I don't see what placing this cardboard with chemical strips down on my SBB is going to do to the large and beetles in my hive.

    4) I was planning on giving this hive and my other 4 a week before I inspected them again. Should I inspect sooner? I'm reading that hive beetles can be extremely damaging very quickly. I didn't see any larva in my other hives.

    5) What other methods (non-chemcial) can I use for hive beetles? I've seen the fat bee man talk about taking boric acid(??) and putting it in plastic corrugated squares with the ends sealed up with Crisco. Are there others?

    6) I'm not sure how I got the beetles and how I got so many so fast. I"m assuming since there was not a strong hive that the beetle population exploded.

    7) I'm super concerned that I don't have a queen and that 3 of the 5 queen cells were destroyed by the beetle larva. What can I do to help the bees? How did I get queen cells if my queen was dead? Is there any way to tell how old these cells are? I'm assuming since they are capped they have to be 7 to 8 days right? Doesn't a new queen emerge day 8 - 10? How will I know I've got a queen and I'm okay? When will I know that?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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    Default Re: Lost about 4/5 of 5 Frame NUC due to overheating - Now hive beetles

    you had larvae and eggs since it was a nuc they could raise emergency queens off of.

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