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    Default Best way to treat a swarm for mites?

    I have a swarm I caught about a month ago, doing pretty well in a nuc box about ready to move to a full deep. Unfortunately, it is infested with mites, I'm seeing huge numbers on the sticky board, although no deformed or strangely acting bees.

    I'm assuming they are fairly tolerant, since there is plenty of brood in the hive and they are growing nicely in spite of not being fed -- no good feeders for my nucs yet.

    What would be the best way to treat them for mites? Oxalic aicid dribble? OAV (which would require obtaining a vaporizer)? Formic Acid (MAQS probably). The weather is going to be decent for the next week, so formic acid is a possibility, although I'd have to buy some MAQS, not a big deal.

    I'd prefer not to clobber them too badly, obviously, since they are "survivor" bees and doing well in spite of the mites.


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    Default Re: Best way to treat a swarm for mites?

    I would get them in a box, 8 or 10 frame and probably use MAQS. I have a vaporizer and it works well but the strips are convenient and ready to go.
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    Default Re: Best way to treat a swarm for mites?

    I have two nucs made up from my two over wintered hives. One nuc is now in a five frame double deep.
    the other in a single five frame deep. I plan to treat for mites with maqs and am wondering if i should
    take just one pad and cut it lenth wise and treat the nucs. thinking two pads would be too harsh.
    I dont know if this would be correct. Any suggestions much welcome. thanks.

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    Default Re: Best way to treat a swarm for mites?

    You have several days after the swarm queen starts laying where all the mites are on the bees. This application has OAV written all over it.


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