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    Default Best Position of Honey Stores

    Hi There,

    New Bee figuring out what to do for winter.

    Have two 10 frames deeps. They never did fill out the comb on the outer frames on the bottom deep.

    So I am a couple of frames short of have both boxes full of honey for winter.

    They have brood and pollen in the bottom deep on the middle frames.

    I am thinking I should leave the outside frames empty on the bottom box, and keep all the complete capped honey frames in the top box (no pollen).

    The bees move up in the winter right ? I do not think they will go on the outside frames in the bottom box.


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    Default Re: Best Position of Honey Stores

    I would not reorganize the frames for the bees.

    Bees do move up and with only 2 empties on the outsides, they should be fine.


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