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    Default Looking for diagnosis

    Back in March I had six or eight hives with unusually large die offs. Double handfulls of bees dead in front of the entrances. I attributed it to yellow Jasmine. I have one hive that is still having the same sort of problems. There is a significant pile of dead bees around the entrance and there is always ten to fifteen bees on the ground in front of the hive quivering. This has been going on for two months. The hive is not as strong as what it should be but is strong enough to be working in two supers in addition to a full deep. Five other hives in the same location are not suffering from the same symptoms. I'm guessing that I'm dealing with a virus or there is still some bad honey. We're not near agriculture but we are near a park where spraying may be happening on ball fields. I look for the hive to crash as soon as the nectar is gone. What is causing the die off?

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    Any chance someone could have sprayed them? Does sound alot like pesticide exposure.


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