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    Default Facebook can do wonders for swarms/cutouts!

    I caught my second swarm of the season and all because of a status I posted on Facebook the night before. I got a call from a local welding shop about a swarm because the owners son, which I'm friends with, told his dad about me keeping bees and my status about catching swarms. I hustled over and found them about head high on a cedar tree. It was about 5 pounds of bees, so a pretty good swarm. Both swarms this year were 5 feet or lower so I'm not sure how much luckier a person can get. Also recieved a message about a hive at a persons home I may see about removing. People may know you have bees but it may not click with them that you may be able to get swarms or want more FREE bees. So if you have Facebook you may think about posting something about getting swarms or hives if you haven't already. It can be a good resource where many of your friends can get the word out to many others in your area.

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    Default Re: Facebook can do wonders for swarms/cutouts!

    I got a call today from my post last nite, the bee tree swarmed yesterday and have since gone, going to do a trapout on the tree and hope to get it up before the new qeen emerges so when she returns she'll only have my trap to go into. What are you doing sunday?


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