Hi all, so I captured my first swarm on 4/30 -- good sized cluster. I hived them first in a nuc, and then, when they looked cramped, in an 8 frame deep. They've pulled about 3-4 deep frames of comb, and the queen is there. When I first looked at her, she looked pretty small (she's almost all yellow, with a bit of black on the very end of her butt). On inspection today, she looks bigger, and I even saw a little egg dangling out of her as she was wandering around. But here's the thing -- I can't see any larvae yet. There may be eggs, but the comb is so white, and the bees so thick, that I can't tell. No capped brood either, obviously. How long does it take for a recently swarmed hive to get capped brood? I suppose it's possible that I had a virgin queen, and she still had to do her mating flights. But any thoughts that the rest of you, with more experience than I, might have to offer, would be great. Thanks!